Retrieving items that include a date in a certain range



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    Hi Isobel, sorry for the delay. You can use specific date ranges within JSTOR's Advanced Search. If you scroll down to the "narrow by" section, you can enter date ranges. I've included a screenshot below. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

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    Isobel Ramsden


    Thanks for your reply but I think I didn't make my request clear - I meant if the subject you're researching is restricted to a certain date range. I'm aware of the publication date feature. But if you're subject is say the rise of imperialism in Europe between 1870 and 1910 and you want to only find articles about the rise of imperialism within this date range then it'd be useful to have a way of searching for articles that mention dates within a specified date range.


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    Hi Isobel, thanks for clarifying. From what you're saying, it seems like you might benefit from an OCR data via DfR (Data for Research) approach. It's a free tool that can help with larger projects like this. I'm going to have my colleague who is an expert in this tool reach out to you directly to see if we can assist with your project. 



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