I can't get my PDF's to download



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    Hi Eva, Sorry about that! How do you log in to your alumni account? Sometimes different access methods can create errors like this. 

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    Eva Schweber

    I log in via a portal using https://jstor.reed.edu with the credentials to their alumni system. When I log in the top of the portal screen says "Access provided by Reed College Library." 


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    Ryan Wright

    Hi there, bumping this post because I have the same issue. Funnily enough, I'm also a Reed alumnus looking for access through our Alumni Access login... this was just one of the highest Google search results when I looked up "JSTOR pdf not downloading." So two Reedies running into the same download error might help the JSTOR team better identify the problem, or at the very least kick the problem over to Reed if the issue's on their end.

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    Hi Ryan! I'm going to email you. 


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