How is JSTOR a not-for-profit if you can't even read an article every four days without paying money?


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    Hi Jacob. These are some really good questions, and we appreciate the opportunity to address them. JSTOR is not a publisher. We not own any of the content that is on JSTOR. 

    When we make content available to read online for free (that's 6 articles free every 30 days), it's because we worked with the publisher to make this content available to people who are not part of higher ed institutions. (We're the only database that does this).

    Any income we get is just for keeping the lights on (and retaining people like myself to answer your questions)! Even nonprofits need inflow to keep things running. 

    I'm not sure where you're seeing the service agreement language you quote, but you can review our terms and conditions here: 

    I hope this helps address your concerns. 

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