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#JSTORChallenge Guidelines

The #JSTORChallenge is a fun, interactive game on Twitter brought to you by the JSTOR Support team.  From April 24, 2017 - April 28, 2017 JSTOR Support will post tweets that prompt Twitter users to answer a question or complete a task on or  In the case of a tweet prompt that has a specific answer, the first person to tweet a correct reply to @JSTORSupport will receive either a free coffee, cupcake, or sticker.  In the case of tweet prompts that call for a "best" submission, the recipient of a free coffee, cupcake or sticker will be determined by majority vote of the JSTOR Support team within 3 hours of the original tweet being posted.  If there is not a large enough pool of reply tweets after 3 hours (three or less submissions), the time may be extended until more than three submissions have been received.  If the recipient is at a location within a one mile radius of the JSTOR office in Ann Arbor, MI, member(s) of JSTOR Support will deliver a coffee or cupcake to the recipient.  If the recipient is located outside of a one mile radius, JSTOR Support will send the recipient a sticker via postal mail.  All recipients will be asked to provide JSTOR Support their address in a direct message or e-mail to receive either a free coffee, cupcake or sticker.   All participants in the #JSTORChallenge may be retweeted by @JSTORSupport.