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Q: How do I get access to JSTOR?

A: There are many ways to get access to JSTOR. The most common way to get access is to login through a school that you are currently attending. You can typically find a link to JSTOR on your school's library web page by looking for keywords like databases, eResources, or an A-Z List. You can also search for your school on JSTOR's Institution Finder. Many public libraries and some alumni associations also subscribe to JSTOR, and we have a variety of access options for independent researchers as well.    

Q: How do I remove an article from my shelf? 

A: You can read a step by step tutorial on our Register and Read page

Q: How can I delete my MyJSTOR account?

A: Contact us and tell us to delete it. You can find out more on our Register and Read page

Q: Are JSTOR articles peer reviewed?

A: Read more about the span of our content on the page we wrote about peer reviews. 

Q: How do I get administrative access at my institution?

A: JSTOR offers access to COUNTER 4 / SUSHI usage statistics and numerous customization elements for Participating Institutions including logo branding, OpenURL, metasearch, MARC records for Books at JSTOR, links on our Institution Finder, title lists, holdings comparisons, PCA Claims, etc. The easiest way to get access to statistics and further integrate with JSTOR is to fill out a Feedback Form and we'll respond ASAP.