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Discovery & Linking: Metadata

JSTOR Metadata Partners

Brian Larsen

We provide JSTOR metadata for books and journals, updated on a weekly basis, to the following organizations for indexing in their web-scale discovery platforms:

Ex Libris - Primo Central
OCLC - WorldCat Discovery Service
Serials Solutions (ProQuest) - Summon
TDNet - TDNet Discover

Requesting JSTOR Metadata

Brian Larsen

Both participating JSTOR institutions and non-participating organizations may license JSTOR metadata for the JSTOR Archive, Current Scholarship Program, and Books at JSTOR.

Participating institutions will be required to sign a JSTOR Metadata Rider in addition to their existing license agreement. To obtain this agreement, write to

Non-participating institutions requests will be reviewed by our Discovery & Linking staff to ensure that we are building the most appropriate relationships for our participating libraries. As a first step, to help our staff evaluate metadata requests, please write to to obtain the Metadata Sharing Questionnaire. We will use this information to vet the organization and product.
Non-participating institutions are required to sign a JSTOR Data License Agreement before receiving JSTOR metadata. If we are satisfied with the answers on the questionnaire, we will send the agreement for review and signing.


A Note About JSTOR Metadata

Brian Larsen

The XML files for each of Archives, Current Journal content, and Books were created from data JSTOR has in its delivery system.  An effort has been made to both use specific tag sets (JATS 1.0 Archiving for journals, and the draft BITS 0.2 for books), and to make the data more consistent.  JSTOR's journal content, and CSP content in particular, represents a variety of practice and markup philosophy across publishers and time.