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JSTOR & Google Scholar

Brian Larsen

On top of getting content directly from your library’s site, users might also find, through Google Scholar results, JSTOR content you license. This is possible due to a partnership between JSTOR and Google Scholar. JSTOR compiles the IP addresses and corresponding licenses of our participating institutions and makes them available in a space that Google Scholar regularly crawls. When Google Scholar sees a user coming from an IP address that is associated with a participating institution, and that user’s search returns results to which they have access on JSTOR, that user will see a link to JSTOR next to the result.

In some cases, our database may be out of sync with your institution's IP addresses. This may happen if your ISP has recently changed, or if your network layout or infrastructure has been modified. Please contact JSTOR Support if you have updated IP addresses, or if you have any questions about what users are or aren’t seeing based on this relationship.