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JSTOR & The XML Gateway

Brian Larsen

The JSTOR XML Gateway was created to better facilitate metasearching, which is also known as "federated searching" or "cross-database searching".  Imagine it as a place where chunks of JSTOR's XML data live to be searched for, grabbed and used. We chose the Search and Retrieve URL (SRU) Service as its basis.

The SRU Service is a Web Services-based protocol for querying databases and returning search results and incorporates elements of the Z39.50 protocol for Information Retrieval. It uses the Contextual Query Language (CQL) as the format for submitting search queries. It allows for both very simple queries as well as complex, powerful queries involving Boolean operators, nesting, etc. The search results are returned as XML records in Dublin Core format and are listed in order of relevancy ranking. By providing the search results in XML (short for eXtensible Markup Language), the JSTOR XML Gateway transfers article metadata in a standard format to the metasearch engine for display to the user. To learn more about SRU and the related protocol of Search and Retrieve Web Service (SRW), please visit:


What's available in the gateway anywho?

  • JSTOR Archive Collections

  • Books at JSTOR
  • JSTOR Current Scholarship Program Journals
  • 19th Century British Pamphlets


Metasearching for JSTOR Participating Institutions

Participating institutions are required to sign a JSTOR Metasearch Rider in addition to their existing Institutional Participation Agreement before we will enable access to the XML Gateway. If you are a current JSTOR Participant, please contact The JSTOR Discovery team will then send you the Rider and documentation for using the search API.


Metasearching for JSTOR Non-Participating Institutions

Non-participants in JSTOR are required to sign an agreement.
Potential metadata partners are also required to fill out a questionnaire, which asks them to describe their product, corporate governance, and other information.
Please write to to obtain the agreement and questionnaire.
Once the proper Agreement has been signed, we will provide a copy of the JSTOR XML Gateway Usage Guide and enable your IP addresses.