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Core Functionality

How to find just the one journal or book or pamphlet

Lauren Trimble

You need an article from a journal. Or a chapter from a book. Or a specific pamphlet. Rather than search for the journal by title in advanced search and get ALL the things, there's an easy way to find exactly what you need. 

We know. We're excited too.

First, go to the top of any JSTOR page. You'll see the "browse" menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Choose the second option, "By title." It will take you to a table that lists everything we have alphabetically. On this table there are four tabs: All Content, Journals, Books and Pamphlet. Choose the tab for the type of source you want. 

Once you have the correct letter and content tab, you'll see a list of titles. Once you see your title in the list, follow the link to the appropriate page. On a journals' page, you should see a list of volumes or issues by year. If you're looking for a book, the link in "browse by title" will take you to its table of contents. For pamphlets, the link will take you to the appropriate collection. From the pamphlet collection page, you'll be able to search further. 

You may also notice the access icons to the left of each title. A circle with an X means you don't have access to a title. A half-filled circle means you have partial access to a title (possibly only older issues, the most current issues or issues that the publisher has made free). No icon at all means you have full access. Before you try reading anything, make sure you're logged in. 

Happy searching. Contact us if you need anything.