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Core Functionality

How to export citations from your search results

Lauren Trimble

So you want to cite your JSTOR article in an academic paper and you want to do that in the simplest way possible. You're in a hurry and don't want to log in to/create a MyJSTOR account. You have options! 

Getting citations from the Search Results page:

First things first. Say you're searching for a term and find some articles you want to save for later. You can export them to a .txt or RIS file. You can do this by checking the checkbox to the left of the search results you want to export. Once you've selected your articles, chose 'Export Selected Citations' in the upper right hand corner. (There's a menu spanning the top of the page that includes 'Content Type,' 'Access Options' and 'Sort By.' 'Export Selected Citations' is the fourth option from the left.) From there you'll find a drop down menu with file options. Chose the file that suits your needs.  

Getting citations for an individual article:

If you'd like to cite an individual article, simply follow the link from your search results to the article page.

From there, chose 'Cite This Item.' This button can be found below the 'Download PDF' button. From there you can either download the appropriate file type OR copy and paste your citation in its corresponding style. By clicking the cartoon clipboard, you're copying the citation to...your clipboard. Right clicking onto a word document and selecting paste will spit it right out again. 

And that's how it's done.