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Using the JSTOR logo on your website

Lauren Trimble

You can use the JSTOR logo on your website. We even created digital logos that you can download and use in print or online materials. 

Small JSTOR logo

Medium JSTOR logo

Large JSTOR logo

We'd like to kindly remind you of the following. 

JSTOR® and the JSTOR logo are trademarks of JSTOR, and are Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

You are welcome to use the JSTOR logo on materials distributed to your users or on your institution’s web pages to announce your participation in JSTOR. We ask that you be aware of the following restrictions on the use of the JSTOR name and logo:

  • You may not use JSTOR's name or logo for any purpose other than as set forth above, except as specifically approved by JSTOR. Under no circumstance may JSTOR's name or logo be used in a way likely to cause confusion as to the origin of JSTOR's or other services.

  • You may not alter the appearance of the logo. JSTOR reserves the right to review your use of JSTOR's name or logo, and you agree to provide JSTOR with access to your site to review your use of the name or logo. JSTOR may require you to discontinue any such use.