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Additional Resources: Librarian and Administrator

Training Resources

Kathryn Vickers

We heard a rumor that you want to learn more about your JSTOR subscription. You've come to the right place! Our joy lies in making you the best JSTOR administrator in all the land, so we offer a couple options to aid you in your knowledge quest. 

1. Our team offers live platform trainings several times a month. These general demonstrations cover the basic features and functionality of JSTOR, and give you the tools you need as an account administrator. Find a time that works for you on our handy dandy webinar calendar, and join us!

2. If you just can't find the time to join a live webinar, we have recorded versions of recent platform overviews that you can watch at your own leisure. Our team's favorite way to watch is wearing our JSTOR fuzzy slippers and enjoying a fresh batch of brownies and almond milk, but we understand that isn't for everyone. Find your favorite way to watch a platform overview and get back to us!

Please find our recorded overviews below in English and Spanish.

In English...

...and Spanish...

...& for JPASS Subscribers!

3. We are creating a series of short tutorials to address common questions about JSTOR. These are available here and also on our YouTube channel. Check back often for new content!

How to use the Institution Finder:

How to register for a MyJSTOR Account:

JSTOR Usage Statistics for Account Administrators:

How to Search JSTOR


Of course, if you have any questions about the JSTOR platform, you can always contact JSTOR Support. We will be happy to help you in your quest for knowledge!

After all: 

Promotional Materials

Kathryn Vickers

We offer a variety of promotional materials to participating institutions. Your packet will depend on what kind of institution you're coming from. Please fill out the form below to file a request. 

Small Packet (for secondary schools and/or high schools)
Posters: 2
Stickers: 10
Bookmarks: 100

Large Packet (for colleges, universities and other institutions)
Posters: 3
Stickers: 10
Bookmarks: 200

Name *
The amount of materials you receive will depend on what kind of school you are.
Address *
Please bear in mind that our supplies are limited and we may not be able to meet a request for an increase in certain materials.

Post Cancellation Access

Lauren Trimble

Can I get access to stuff my library once subscribed to but doesn't anymore?

Post Cancellation Access (PCA) for titles in the Current Scholarship Program (CSP) will depend on when your subscription ended. It will also depend on the availability of the content on JSTOR.

Libraries can generally purchase PCA for a small annual fee (currently set at $15), and JSTOR will provision and maintain access on its platform as long as this fee, called the Annual CSP PCA fee, is paid. JSTOR will then give your library Post Cancellation Access from the DAD (digital availability date) through the last issue subscribed. You can find your title's Digital Availability Dates in the Current Scholarship Program title list.

However, if the library participates in a JSTOR archive collection that includes the title being claimed (Arts & Sciences III, for example), or the library is a Portico participant, JSTOR will provision PCA on the JSTOR platform at no charge, from the DAD through the last issue purchased, as long as the library continues to participate in the collection or remains a Portico participant.

Please refer to 12.2 Section of our Terms and Conditions for full description of the policies.

Using the JSTOR logo on your website

Lauren Trimble

You can use the JSTOR logo on your website. We even created digital logos that you can download and use in print or online materials. 

Small JSTOR logo

Medium JSTOR logo

Large JSTOR logo

We'd like to kindly remind you of the following. 

JSTOR® and the JSTOR logo are trademarks of JSTOR, and are Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

You are welcome to use the JSTOR logo on materials distributed to your users or on your institution’s web pages to announce your participation in JSTOR. We ask that you be aware of the following restrictions on the use of the JSTOR name and logo:

  • You may not use JSTOR's name or logo for any purpose other than as set forth above, except as specifically approved by JSTOR. Under no circumstance may JSTOR's name or logo be used in a way likely to cause confusion as to the origin of JSTOR's or other services.

  • You may not alter the appearance of the logo. JSTOR reserves the right to review your use of JSTOR's name or logo, and you agree to provide JSTOR with access to your site to review your use of the name or logo. JSTOR may require you to discontinue any such use.

Branding Options with JSTOR

Lauren Trimble

As a librarian, you have several ways of branding the JSTOR experience for your users. Our provider designation statement is displayed to authenticated users on the top right corner of the screen. It reads:

 "Your access to JSTOR provided by [your institution name]"

You may indicate to JSTOR Support what you would like to display here, whether it is a donating organization that has made JSTOR access possible or your university’s name with a link to your library website.

You can also brand the JSTOR experience by implementing a link resolver. This offers you the ability to use a specialized image and link text for OpenURL links available to your users. You may read more about setting up link resolvers here. At this time, these are the main ways of branding your users' experiences on JSTOR. If you would like to change or update what we currently have on file for your institution, please contact JSTOR Support for assistance.

JSTOR Search Widget

Brian Larsen

We had to retire our previous Search Widget, so is no longer available. We have created a test solution to replace the old search widget. The Search Widget PDF includes the code needed to implement the JSTOR Search Widget. We welcome any feedback you have about the replacement.

Please be sure to read the legal text regarding usage of the JSTOR Search Box, which is embedded in the code. Your use of the JSTOR Search Widget indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use. In particular, please be aware of Sections 9 and 11.1 of our Terms and Conditions of Service, as these pertain to Access Software.


Why does JSTOR Requires Cookies?

Brian Larsen

It is necessary for your browser to be set to accept cookies in order to browse and search the JSTOR site, as well as to improve the response time and performance of the site. Click here for instructions on enabling cookies in your browser. Any personal information, other than what is voluntarily submitted, is not extracted in this process, and we do not use cookies to identify what other websites or pages you have visited. Please visit the page on JSTOR’s Use of Cookies for more information.